USA & Canada Flatrate

USA & Canada Flatrate --- 19,95* Euro per Month

With Vortel you can make unlimited calls to all fixed and mobile numbers in the U.S. and Canada, including Alaska and Hawaii, for one low monthly price.

You don't have to be in either country to use the flatrate. You can make calls with your flatrate anywhere in the world that you have a broadband Internet connection and a router.

You don’t have to choose a flatrate to use Vortel; every customer gets a Prepaid Basic balance to make calls anywhere. But if you choose a flatrate when you sign up, you’ll receive 30* Euro off the price of the Vortel Starter Kit**. This discount will be automatically deducted when you go through our online signup.

There is no long-term contract to sign. You can downgrade or upgrade your call plan each month, or switch to a simple Prepaid Basic account.

If you choose the USA & Canada flatrate, you might occasionally need to add some cash to your Prepaid Basic account to make calls to numbers outside your plan, such as calls to other countries. These calls are charged at our extremely low per-minute rates.

Please refer to our terms & conditions for appropriate flatrate usage.

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(*) All prices incl. 19% german tax. no delivery costs, no shipping costs, no setup fee

(**) All prices incl. 19% german tax. € 7,90 delivery and shipping costs within germany, no setup fee