Why you should sign up now


Signing up with Vortel is completely free. You decide whether you want to create a prepaid balance or book a flatrate. And once you commit to our regular prepaid plan or flatrate plan you can cancel anytime and your contract runs only until the end of the following month.

Make calls using a regular phone -- without a PC!

You do not need a PC to make or receive calls with Vortel. Just use the supplied Vortel adapter and phone to place and receive calls as you would on a conventional phone. It's that easy. If you already have an adapter -- or other SIP-based hardware or software -- you normally don't need the Vortel adapter.

Plug & Dial Installation

Nothing to configure. Just connect your Vortel adapter and phone and start calling.

Low calling prices

Vortel utilizes new technology to terminate your calls for less than conventional phone networks. Please refer to our list of worldwide rates for specific information for calls not covered by a flatrate.

Your own number from Vortel

We provide each account with a Vortel number or a regular phone number so that you can be called by anyone anywhere.

Free calls between Vortel users

Calls between Vortel users are completely free!

Online Account Management

Online access to all your key account information, including phone number(s) and billing address, plan selection and account balance (for prepaid plans), etc.

Billing info is always viewable

You can view the price for each call in the Vortel Dashboard, unless, of course, the call is covered by a flatrate plan or is to another Vortel customer (in these cases there is no additional charge). And since the Vortel Dashboard is available online, you can access this information anywhere you have Web access.

Usable anywhere

You can take Vortel anywhere there is broadband. Not only can you access the personalized Vortel Dashboard, you can even make and receive calls and pay the same rates (or flatrate) available back home.

Extensive customer support information

Unlike many other phone companies (including providers of prepaid cards and call-by-call services) Vortel maintains a Website with up-to-date information on its products. Please refer to our support pages for specific information.

Available where call-by-call is blocked

Have you cancelled a subscription in favor of another phone company, but are now unable to use call-by-call? As long as you have a high-speed Internet connection, you can still use Vortel to save money on your calls and take advantage of our unique features.